A sweepstake of £5 each for entrants to list 5 horses which in their opinion will be the most successful in the 2018 season. 

Points will be awarded as follows:- 

WIN – 5 points            Second – 3 points          Third – 1 point 


Group or Listed win or place will receive double points 



The competition is open to Owners and Employees of Chris Wall only. 

Entries to close 12.30 pm on the 8 April 2018. 

The competition will run for the period of the English Turf season – 

24 March to 10 November 2018, to include All Weather and Overseas runners. 

The entries are restricted to horses trained by Chris Wall and can only receive points if in training with him at the time of win or place. 

Points will be awarded for dead heats. 

The stake will be held in Premium Bonds until the end of the competition and all proceeds will be divided up as follows:-


WINNER  75%                 SECOND  15%                 THIRD  10% 


Please send completed entry form and fee to Carole Wall at Induna Stables by 8 April 2018.  Cheques payable to C WALL.






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